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White fig P.D.O. is the symbol of the territory of Cilento and it is one of most popular food thanks to its many properties attested since ancient times. For its delicate flavour it is often combined with cheeses and chocolate.
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The pleasant hint of smoked with oak and herbs typical of the Mediterranean area, the intense flavour and seasoning of 12 months make this Italian Capicola simply irresistible to the palate. It is one of the cured meats most appreciated and known in Campania.
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The excellent Taurasi D.O.C.G. is produced on Irpinia Hills, among the characteristics villages rich in history and tradition by Azienda Forno, respecting the wine tradition of Campania.
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The excellent Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G. is produced near the picturesque village of Tufo, in the particular microclimate of Irpinia on behalf of Azienda Forno, respecting the wine tradition of Campania.
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The figs after being " munnati" ( peeled ) by hand  are sun-dried . Then they are steamed and finally sprayed with molasses. This  is an art that requires a lot of passion and respect for the tradition of Cilento.
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Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. is produced in Meta (NA) in the cheese factory Perrusio Carmela, just a stone's throw from the sea and Sorrento. The cheese is obtained within 48 hours from milking through rennet coagulation of the raw milk only from farms located in Sorrento peninsula and, for at least 20%, from cows of "Agerolese" genetic type in accordance...
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San Cipriano Picentino is a small town at the foot of Monte Monna surrounded by prosperous vegetation. Here the wild fennel, the base of the ancient recipe of liqueur, is picked by hand. It is used the foliage of the plants,  that is the green, scented tenderest part.
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Excellence known throughout the world and symbol of a territory, made according to the ancient art of cheese-making "cut off", boasts the PDO mark. The intense flavour and the characteristic drop of milk make this product irresistible to every palate.
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