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The plants from organic vegetable garden in this section have been carefully selected. All plants, in fact, are grown with biodynamic method. The soil in which they are planted is a mix of peat and humus Anenzy. The latter, in particular, is an organic fertilizer and soil improver derived exclusively from non-industrial farms. This  guarantee the quality as well as promotes fertility.

Enjoy the garden experience at home with the selection of Gooty organic plants. Every season you will find on our site the best plants of our tradition. Organic Certification 100%, to be received and comfortably grown at your home.

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Cinnamon basil is the encounter between the classic aroma of basil and the eastern one of cinnamon. A perfect mix, which goes perfectly with both sweet and savoury dishes. Sold in pot
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5,80 €
The Greek basil is a basil plant that, in addition to the culinary use, is characterized by the unmistakable shape of his bush and it is also perfect as an ornamental plant to be displayed on the balcony. Sold in pot
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