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List of products by manufacturer Sapurè Srl

A territory rich of recognised excellencies, the Agro Nocerino Sarnese. Here, in the ancient town of Pagani, Sapurè is involved in the enhancement and reevaluation of old flavours and tastes, those of the healthy and precious rural tradition. All the products are completely artisan and realized according to the ancient techniques with natural and genuine ingredients, carefully chosen with the utmost respect of the seasons.  With passion and dedication the company demonstrates to be in tune with the status of excellence conferred to these places and each jar brings with it the simplicity and the most intimate essence of a unique land. 

5,50 €
The best apricots in Campania region will delight your palate with this extra jam, made in a traditional way with the freshly harvested fruit having reached the perfect ripening degree. Sweet and aromatic, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Taste it on a slice of bread with a veil of butter, just like we did as children. 
In Stock 5,50 €
5,50 €
A jam that does not leave indifferent with more than 75% of fruit used and manufactured in a handcrafted way. It is sweet and juicy. For its realization the “Spernocchia” cherry variety is used, ancient and precious variety cultivated on the Bracigliano mountains, more times awarded among the best cherries of Italy. 
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3,80 €
Cobarino owes its name to the ancient village of Corbara, small gem of the Lattari Mountains. With its intense red colour it is characterised by a delicious sweet-and-sour taste due to the fertile volcanic soil and the sea breeze of the near Amalfi Coast.  Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the ideal is to taste it on Pizza or as ingredient for sauces...
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5,50 €
A few jams are able to satisfy both adults and children, the strawberry jam is one of them. Just seasonal fruits are used, the sweet and soft taste combined with the intense red colour hide a surprising and genuine taste to be savoured for breakfast or as dressing for delicious cakes.    
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