Chicken on flower of potatoes with yellow tomato sauce

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Chicken on flower of potatoes with yellow tomato sauce

For 2 people                                                  Difficulty: Medium

                                                                        Time: 90 minutes


- 2 chicken thighs

- 2 small potatoes

- 100 g of Yellow Tomato sauce

- 1 shallot (as required)

- Rosemary (as required)

- Garlic (as required)

- Salt (as required)

- Paprika (as required)

- White pepper (as required)

- Butter (as required)

- extra virgin olive oil (as required)


Remove bones and skins from chicken thighs. Spread the meat so obtained on a long sheet of film. Add salt, white pepper, rosemary and garlic then wrap it tight in the film forming a sausage that will be closed on the sides with two knots. Cook the two sausages in hot water at 60 ° for 35 minutes. Remove the ckicken from cooking water and let cool the sausages without removing the film.

For the yellow tomato sauce, finely chop the shallot and then soften with oil. Add paprika, yellow tomato sauce and salt. Cook for up to 20 minutes.

For the potato flower choose smaller potatoes with a nice round shape. With a potato peeler, remove the skin to the potatoes and then cut them in  thin sheets. Cooked in butter until both sides are golden. Form a flower with the potatoes on a plate. Cut the chicken sausages into thick slices removing the film then rolli t in extra virgin olive oil. Put the chicken on the potatoes and serve with the tomato sauce

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