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Handcrafted tomato sauce with basil

Our tomato sauce is still handcrafted, like our grandmothers did. The freshly picked tomatoes are cooked and ground in the same day then they will naturally sterilized only with the addition of fresh basil and a pinch of salt without preservatives. The result is a red pulpy sauce with all the delicious smell of fresh tomatoes.

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It is ideal in all the preparations that require limited cooking times, such as eggs, white meat and pasta sauces. It is great on pizza (it does not give the heartburn thanks to the careful choice during the harvest and the timely processing). We added to the tomato sauce fresh basil and a pinch of salt, tasty and delicate condiment. To heat a few minutes and add to the pasta, preferably with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


An area inhabited since prehistoric times, the Agro Sarnese Nocerino played host to many peoples throughout history. Virgil and Silio Italico identify among the first inhabitants of the plain "Sarrasti", a tribe considered descended from the mythical Pelasgians that around 1600 BC  came from Greece and colonized the South of Italy. Other authors, including the philosopher Aristotle and historians Polybius and Antiochus of Syracuse attest instead the presence of Opici in this area since the beginning, then overwhelmed and assimilated by the tribe of strain Osco-Umbrian, as precisely Oscans.

The plane then saw alternation of Etruscans, Samnites and Romans, all contending for the fertile land that still produce food of unparalleled excellence. Many of the historical cities were important centers, rich in history and traditions. Just look at Nocera, the ancient Nuvkrinum Alafaternum then known as Nuceria Alfaterna, center pivot of Agro then as now.

In the centuries after Christ there was a strong Byzantine presence in the area, who was succeeded by the Lombard principality of Salerno and the Norman. The residential areas of the centers of Angri, Scafati,  Roccapiemonte etc. were formed next to the oldest Nocera and Sarno.

The agricultural vocation of the flat has been maintained over the centuries and now is the subject of strong appreciation by the institutions. Among the excellencies there are the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, fresh or processed. Their characteristic bright red colour and their fleshy texture, can easily conquer every palate thanks to its sweet and unmistakable flavour.

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Place of productionSarno (SA)
IngredientsTomato, salt and basil.
HarvestJuly - September
CharacteristicsIt has a characteristic red colour and it is particularly rich in pulp,with an unmistakable flavour. You have just to warm up a few minutes and add to the pasta, preferably with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
Food combinationsIt is ideal in all the preparations that require limited cooking times, such as eggs, white meat and pasta sauces. It is great on pizza.
Formato680 gr

About Dani Coop Società Cooperativa Agricola Gustarosso

Dani Coop is an agricultural cooperative society composed of 70 members that operates in a territorial area highly suited to agriculture (Agro Sarnese-Nocerino). The company, which is also registered in the register of educational farms of the Campania Region, has established itself in a short time thanks to the quality of its products, obtained with traditional procedures and a careful selection of raw materials. The secret of the goodness of our products comes from the management of the land, from the right time of sowing and harvesting and from the slow and traditional production processes, really made like in the past. The fresh and raw taste of the tomato, the flavour, the colour and the unmistakable taste are the main characteristics of the Gustarosso brand products.



Traditional agricultural product . It brings all the cultural and gastronomic characteristics of a place , becoming historical evidence and ensuring the originality of the place.