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Piedirosso Pompeiano I.G.T. "Storiae"

The Storiae line represents the excellence of Vesuvian wines, the result of plants cultivated on the slopes of Vesuvius, in the area of the National Park, with a strong taste and rich minerals of the fertile volcanic soil, all in the wake of the tradition that saw the ancient Pompeians producing wines that were enjoyed throughout the Empire.

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Piedirosso Pompeiano I.G.T. is a wine characterized by a more or less intense ruby red colour and by a bouquet reminiscent of berries, such as strawberries and raspberries. In the mouth it is warm, dry without sagging, soft without fainting. Good freshness with a slight astringency. Ideal with red meats and mature cheeses.


The territory included in the province of Naples has an oenological tradition that is lost over the centuries. The first Greek settlers understood the enormous potential of the land, made fertile by the perfect climatic conditions and the purely volcanic composition of the soil. Since then, the cultivation of the vine has been the mainstay and driving force behind the economy of Campania, surviving and bringing wealth over the centuries to all the peoples who have lived there. The emperors and the high Roman ranks had a predilection for the wines of Campania, as evidenced by several authors and numerous archaeological finds.

Among the numerous species of grapes, the Pompeian piedirosso is witness to a well-defined territory, the volcanic area on the slopes of Vesuvius. This is because only thanks to the extraordinary composition of the soil, combined with the climatic qualities of the Neapolitan plain, can we obtain this wine with its unique flavour. Moreover, Pompeii in Roman times was the main commercial centre for wine in Campania.

Its name has uncertain origins, but many scholars believe that it corresponds to the "Colombina" mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia. In the Neapolitan tradition the "piedirosso" is called "Pèr e palummo" that is "pigeon's foot", a nickname deriving from the characteristic colour that the slice takes on shortly before the harvest, a ruby red very similar to the bird's foot.

Data sheet

Place of productionTerzigno (NA) Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio
ProducerICQRF NA 7387
Vine VarietyPiedirosso 100%
FlavoursFragoline di bosco e di lamponi, arricchito da un leggero sentore di peperone dolce.
TemperatureTemperatura di cantina
Food combinationsSelvaggina, carni rosse e formaggi di media stagionatura.

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Protected Typical Indication - Wine produced from grapes from largest local areas according to production rules less restrictive , but that guarantees the organoleptic qualities derived from the place of origin of the grapes.