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I.G.P. Artichockes of Paestum in oil

Tender, meaty and pleasant tasting. Produced entirely by hand according to the ancient techniques, it is the most tender and inner part of the esteemed IGP artichoke of Paestum. Unique in its kind, it is excellent as a tasty aperitif or as a starter.

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  • 280 gr.
  • Confezione da 6 vasetti

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The old center of Capaccio was known by the name "Caput Aquis", because of the presence of the  source “Capo di Fiume”. The center was of great importance in the twelfth century. A.D. following the imposition of the bishop's seat. After the Conspiracy of the Barons the old city was destroyed and from its ashes was built the new settlement as it is today.

An area rich in history and of great agricultural potential. Among the many products grown on the plain of Paestum artichokes play a predominant role. In fact, they were awarded the IGP under the name of "Tondo di Paestum", despite they are a young crop. Roasted, boiled, in oil or pickled  this artichoke conquests every palate with its simplicity.

Data sheet

Place of productionCapaccio Paestum (SA)
ProducerAzienda Agricola "Raimo"
StorageStore in a cool dry place away from heat sources, once opened keep in fridge.
IngredientsArtichokes, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, lemon juice.
Food combinationsAppetizers, side dishes, sandwiches, pizza, homemade bread.

About Azienda Agricola Raimo

Strong ties with the territory, tradition and quality research. Here are the ingredients on which Azienda agricola Raimo is based, located a short distance from Paestum and the great archaeological park UNESCO world heritage site. It is led by Carmine and his family with a passion that lasted for sixty years. All the products are completely handmade and each step of the collection and processing is followed meticulously to provide the best of Cilento production.