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Gooty s.r.l.
 operates with complete transparency about shipping costs. No complicated table or surprise at the time of payment of the product, but a single value based on the country and type of service, with maximum clarity. All shipments are made by courier exclusively with personalized packaging "Gooty - 
Good Taste of Italy". Perishable products (salami and cheese) will be shipped within specific isothermal containers, complete with reusable gel ice, ensuring the maintenance of ideal temperature during transport, in order to maintain intact the product.


The shipping costs to Italy are  9,90 for express standard delivery. Express delivery is free if the order exceeds € 89,99.

 The customer may be contacted by the courier to the telephone number provided during the purchase to arrange an appointment based on availability of the recipient and in accordance with the estimated delivery time from the used service. Therefore, please give an active number.


The shipping costs for Europe are € 19.90. For shipments outside the European Union, it is preferable to contact us before placing the order so that we can estimate the cost and transport times.

In all other countries it is currently not possible to ship to private customers. If your country of residence is not in the list, but you are interested in receiving products of Good Taste of Italy, please send an e-mail to infogooty@gmail.com, asking to bring Good Taste of Italy in your country. Gooty has ambitions to expand internationally and your information will be important to define the countries where expanding the service with the highest priority.

Delivery Times

Shipments are made in Italy by express courier (DHL, GLS). This ensures maximum reliability of delivery and times.

In general, orders received before 12 am, will be prepared and handed over to the carrier in the same day, while orders received after 12 am will be prepared and delivered to the courier the following working day.

Deliveries in Italy are, in fact, carried out within 1-2 working days after taking charge of the carrier, with the exception of the islands where deliveries will take place within 2-3 working days.



Order at 10:00 am on Tuesday - Delivery within 6:00 pm on Wednesday (Thursday for the islands)

Order at 17:00 pm on Tuesday - Delivery within 6:00 pm on Thursday (Friday for the islands)


It is understood that deliveries of products related orders accepted by the Company after 12:00 am on Thursdays and on Fridays will be taken over by the carrier on the following Monday in order to preserve the integrity of products and avoid the stock in courier’s warehouse.

Shipments to Europe are through couriers DHL (or other equivalent). Delivery times obviously depend on the type of delivery chosen.

The working days required for delivery are the following:


  • Standard express delivery 3-5 working days after taking charge of the carrier.


For Good Taste of Italy the shipping is a key point. The quality of service for an e-commerce stands also and above all in the quality of shipping.

For shipping we use  high quality, eco-friendly and totally personalized materials with our brand. We use personalized material not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure the authenticity of customer shipment. In fact , if the package that you should get home was altered, broken, or without our personalized "Gooty - Good Taste of Italy" it has been probably sabotaged and therefore we invite you to reject delivery with the explanation: “Sabotaged package”.

From the receipt of order, our logistic staff will collect the products directly from the manufacturers, so you always have fresh product and not warehouse residuals. For this reason, the estimated processing time is  24/48 hours from receipt of the Order.

For meats and cheeses, inside the box, will be inserted an isothermal container with a double wave covered with special insulating sheets and, in addition, ice gel (freezable again and reusable infinite times), for maintaining the ideal temperature during the transport . A further guarantee of freshness, quality and care.

If something should go wrong…do not worry!

Gooty follows the entire process before and after sale,so you have just to contact us to ask for help, we will provide you any kind of support to resolve any problems.

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