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Pasta di Gragnano Gluten Free "Mista corta gluten free" I.G.P.

Bronze wire drawing, the water of the nearby Monti Lattari and the special drying process are the main features that make this gluten free pasta very special.

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Thanks to the selection and use of the best corn and rice flours, this special format for celiac, also certified by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC), was created. This pasta contains  all the features of craftsmanship of the place of origin that make it unique excellence.

Thanks to its roughness, due to the use of bronze drawing, it is great to be consumed with local traditional or Italian dishes in general, for moments of pure flavour. According to the tradition  pasta “ mista corta”  is prepared  above all with legumes, a simple recipe but at the same time a dish with an incredible flavour.


The story of Gragnano begins with a noble Roman "gens" : the "gens Grania", holder of vast estates in this fertile land where they grow, then as now, the "sacred ear and the precious grape."

The ear, symbol of local pasta factories, is also symbol of the city. Pasta production saw its biggest development between the sixteenth and seventeenth century  thanks to technological innovations (the mill with millstones) that provided a perfect hydraulic system necessary for the production. Pasta is still an artisanal product, handmade in the family in small quantities by craftsmen. During next century we saw the gradual transition from the small shop to factory where there is still the craftsmanship but on a larger scale. Larger tools, bigger places, a larger number of employees and their greater specialization guarantee a greater amount of product  maintaining handmade characteristics.

Pasta thus began to spread beyond the local area, conquering the palates with its unique characteristics.

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Data sheet

Place of productionGragnano (NA)
ProducerPastificio "La fabbrica della pasta di Gragnano"
ClassificazioneArtisanal bronze die gluten free pasta.
IngredientsCorn flour, rice flour, water from fount “Imbuto”.
Cooking time7 minutes

About Pastificio La Fabbrica della pasta di Gragnano


Protected geographical indication. It is a term attributed to products related to a specific place of production, where the territory, the particular climatic conditions and human factors determine their high quality.