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Who we are

GOOTY s.r.l.(GOOd Taste of ItalY)was born in 2015 thanks to the idea of three young graduates. Driven by the enthusiasm and the desire to take on new challanges, they decided to use their skills in a project that points out the best of Italy.

  • Our Logo

A bud is life, our land is fertile mother. The leaves of Gooty represent the best that our country offers, the "Good Taste" intended both taste and quality production.

  • Agro-Culture


GOOTY s.r.l. is ayoung and dynamic company born to highlight what characterize people. The answer lays in their culture, that is traditions, places, customs ald life styles. With this idea, an incessant search for origins started.

Man comes from land and from it he obtains his nourishment . Nothing belongs more to the human being as the care of the crops and farm animals , in other words


Our research has thus led to the rediscovery of lost traditions now  forgotten and isolated in a local context .

In a busy and globalized world, where food has become a mass product , also standardized in taste , we wondered : can you eat enjoying  food , distinguishing the flavours and qualities ?

QUALITY and EXCELLENCE are the key points of this project.

Our effort to search for the best food and wine products, constantly updated, is the warranty to have on our table not only excellent food , but the whole traditional handmade food-processing.  

Our aim is valuing the gesture of people that produce food, respecting seasons, the procedures for harvest, nature and cultural context from which it comes . Therefore the finished product embodies the history of a place , the lives of those who produced it and the tradition from which it comes . These factors make it unique and different from all the others .

Every product under “Gooty” brand holds a piece of history , culture and tradition of Campania.


  • Location

Our starting point is the territory of Campania, one of the most fertile region of Italy known by Roman as "Campania Felix" (fertile, prosperous).

Different populations inhabited this land and drew sustenance from it: indigenous peoples, Samnites, Oschi, Etruscans, Greeks ,Romans,  Byzantines, Lombards and Normans in medieval times.

Thanks to their culture and their traditions that we can offer you these culinary excellences. As a tribute to these ancient people we tell you the story behind every product, so you can taste the uniqueness and authenticity that is the essential characteristic to understand the deep link between man and his land.

  •  Products

The selection of excellent products of Campania is the result of a careful and meticulous research, with historical and territorial studies. The entire range of Gooty products fall within the following categories:

  • SlowFood

  • PAT (Agricultural Traditional Product)

  • PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)

  • BIO (Organic products)

  • PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

  • DOC (Controlled Origin Denomination)

  • DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Denomination)

At the base of our selection there is the link between the excellent product and the place of production: the guardian of tradition and culture. We guarantee customer full traceability of the place of origin and production, through photos and multimedia programs such as online map services, in a virtual journey between taste and culture.

From the best of our land, to the heart of your table!

"Come to  Italy, with us!"

Giancarlo | Loredana | Enrico