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Pecorino aged in caves

The Pecorino aged in caves is one of the most apprecciated and sought cheese of Campania, its peculiarity is the seasoning in natural caves. To the palate is enveloping and irresistible, with spicy notes and hints of flowers and dry grass.

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Lattari Mountains are the backbone of Sorrento Peninsula. It is a charming place with lots of paths for trekking, it offers the opportunity to walk through breathtaking landscapes of Amalfi Coast.

In Roman times, Lattari Mountains were part of Regio I Latium et Campania and were the sad theater of the battle that ended the greek-Gothic war, which faced the Byzantine general Narsete and the last Ostrogoth king Teia.

The territory was already appreciated by the Romans for the fertile soil, and the suitable space for breeding. Among the various municipalities that fall within this context we find Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino called "Gate of the Amalfi Coast" because it is the first country on the road to the pass of Chiunzi, moreover in Roman times it was related to the cult of the God Sarno, as reflected in the representations of a marble fountain found among the remains of a country manor.

In the Middle Ages this villa was converted in the Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Gilles, the French name of Sant'Egidio, and it became part of "Nuceria sottana" (lower) as the University of Sant'Egidio.

The agricultural tradition is still very strong and deep, and it offers numerous products of absolute quality such as many renowned sheep cheeses. They differ for the breed of sheep from which milk is obtained, the geomorphological and weather conditions of pastures where sheeps graze and the production techniques. To these factors are added the various types of seasoning and eventual refinement. The chain of Lattari Mountains has a lot of caves used as natural seasoning cells, able to donate to cheese a characteristic flavour impossible to replicate elsewhere, thanks to their inner microclimate and the presence of unique moulds and bacteria.

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Data sheet

Place of productionSant'Egidio del Monte Albino (SA)
ProducerCaseificio "Aurora"
ClassificazioneSeasoned cheese with compact pasta.
SeasoningIn natutal caves minimum 6 months.
StorageVacuum-packed it keeps in the refrigerator at a temperature between 3° and 4° C.
IngredientsRaw sheep milk, rennet, salt.
CharacteristicsIt is a cheese with compact pasta, its straw yellow colour becomes amber colour with the process of seasoning. Its crust is rough and full of mold, due to the caves where they are placed to season. Its flavour is strong and spicy with notes of dry gras
Food combinations The six months of minimum seasoning in caves in the village of Corbara give this cheese a spicy and irresistible flavour, especially if combined with honey and jams which enhance even more the quality, such as acacia honey, fig jam or Montoro onion jam,

About Caseificio Aurora

The Dairy Aurora stands for tradition, passion, dediction and deep knowledge of milk and production processes combined to the research for the rediscovery and valorization of local flavours. It is  situated in the city called "Gate of  Amalfi Coast," Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino, at the foot of Lattari Mountains. The company is the result of 250 years of experience and recipes handed down from generation to generation, combining the tradition of the ancient cheese makers with technological innovations to produce high quality products, which make the company a point of reference for Campania region.



Traditional agricultural product . It brings all the cultural and gastronomic characteristics of a place , becoming historical evidence and ensuring the originality of the place.