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List of products by manufacturer Società cooperativa agricola Terra di Sapori

Terra di Sapori is a cooperative founded in 2012 that operates in an area highly dedicated to agriculture (agro Sarnese-Nocerino). The company stands out in a short time thanks to the quality of its productions, obtained by traditional methods and by a careful selection of raw materials. The secret of the genuineness of our products derives from the land management, the right time of sowing and harvesting and from slow traditional production processes, made like our ancestors. The fresh and raw taste of tomato, its  flavour, colour and unique taste are the main features of the products under  GustoUnico brand.

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The delicious dried tomatoes of Agro Sarnese Nocerino have a unique taste. After having been dried they are seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and spices to give them an extraordinary softness and an incomparable taste.
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Tasty aubergines made according to ancient tradition of the Agro Sarnese Nocerino, enhanced by the use of mountain oregano and pleasant spicy notes. The soils, covered by lava of the nearby Vesuvius, are rich in minerals, this gives a unique flavour to these delicious vegetables.
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One of their characteristics is to be grilled on hot lava stone, as tradition. Spices and extra virgin olive oil, make these peppers a real delicacy.
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Delicate, crisp and tasty on the palate. They are grilled directly on volcanic rock and flavoured with spices typical of the Mediterranean and extra virgin olive oil.
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Our tomato sauce is still handcrafted, like our grandmothers did. The freshly picked tomatoes are cooked and ground in the same day then they will naturally sterilized only with the addition of fresh basil and a pinch of salt without preservatives. The result is a red pulpy sauce with all the delicious smell of fresh tomatoes.
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The combination among the hot pepper from Agro Sarnese Nocerino, the anchovies from the coasts of Campania and the breadcrumbs : a perfect mix of flavours to be enjoyed at each bite.
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5,99 €
Delicious oyster mushrooms sweetly grilled on volcanic rock and flavoured with natural spices and extra virgin olive oil. They are perfect to give flavour to dishes or even more as a delicious aperitif.
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Delicious broccoli cooked and flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and red pepper ready to be enjoyed. Made according to the Neapolitan tradition providing the use only of the most tender part of the broccoli, the most flavourful. Excellent to be served as an appetizer with homemade bread and croutons, or as a base ingredient for pizza
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"The King" of Agro Sarnese Nocerino is one of the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. Despite  it is used everyday, it surprises for its incomparable taste and it is appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics in all over the world. More than a tomato, it is a myth: the fiery red of the classic Neapolitan “ragù” on Sundays and the fresh...
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Tomato fillets or "pacchetelle" are among the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. The tomato is meticulously selected then it is manually cut in fillets and dipped in tomato sauce. The cooking in a bain-marie does not alter the organoleptic properties but enhances the characteristic sweet, delicate flavour.
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"The Prince" of the Vesuvius area, is one of the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. The delicious sweet-acidulous taste and the slightly bitter aftertaste make this tomato an important ingredient of many typical Neapolitan dishes such as the classical spaghetti. Moreover it makes the dishes of fish more balanced, emphasizing the peculiarities of...
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