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List of products by manufacturer Azienda Agricola Torre a Oriente

Azienda Agricola Torre a Oriente is located 20 km from Benevento , at the foot of Taburno . It is a dynamic company where the typicalness of the grapes , the environment and the territory together with the passion for ancient art supported by the most modern winemaking techniques are  guarantee of quality, healthiness and genuineness of farm products.

The company is placed in the context of the massive Taburno ideal territory for the cultivation of Falanghina and Aglianico. It covers an area of about 10 hectares of vineyards. The vineyards consist of systems against back all regularly enrolled at Doc Sannio and Taburno. Whose cultivars are Aglianico and Falanghina. The company is a research site in experimental fields for the study of proper canopy management, the geo-pedological nature of the soils and the effects of spontaneous and artificial grassing.

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Erba fresca, ortica, carciofo. Al palato si manifesta con forza e personalità, chiudendo con veemenza piccante e terrosa.
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Falanghina del Sannio D.O.C. is a wine symbol of Sannio, grown extensively throughout the territory of the province of Benevento.
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Black skin, intense flavour and many organoleptic qualities. Their sweetness and velvety flavour make them suitable for the preparation of dishes such as creams and soups.
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Easy to digest, rich in minerals and source of proteins, this bean has a characteristic yellow-green colour and delicate taste. Its caracteristics make it just a delicacy.
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Chickpeas of Fortore are very appreciated. Rich in vitamin A, they have all the organoleptic properties of a land rich in food and wine excellences in fact their taste goes perfectly with many traditional Italian dishes.
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A small legume characterized by the presence of the '' eye ', cultivated only in certain areas of Italy. For its ancient tradition, it has become witness of history and culture. Thanks to its short soaking time it can be enjoyed in many tasty recipes.
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The legumes soup of Fortore is just simple genuine taste. All the nutritional properties and the whole rural tradition present in a single pack. A pleasant, intense and enveloping flavour.
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The Red Aglianico del Taburno is one of the characteristic wines of the beautiful Taburno hills, in Sannio. It is a wine with a ruby red color and an aroma with hints of vanilla, tobacco, chocolate and red fruit notes. It is elegant, warm and enveloping, for this reason it is perfect with roast, white or red meat, aged cheeses or simply as a meditation wine.
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