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The Red Sausage of Castelpoto is red colour more or less dark with orange spots depending on peppers powder concentration. Sweet or piquant flavour (depending on the pepper) with notes of fennel, followed by a stronger taste and persistence of meat.
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The pleasant hint of smoked with oak and herbs typical of the Mediterranean area, the intense flavour and seasoning of 12 months make this Italian Capicola simply irresistible to the palate. It is one of the cured meats most appreciated and known in Campania.
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The Smoked Pork Loin on the palate  has a strong flavour of spices and a pleasant hint of smoke. When cut, the lean part of a bright red , resting on a layer of rosy fat.
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The ancient traditional flavors come alive in this rolled bacon. Flavorful and fragrant, delicate flavor of black pepper and wild fennel, typical of the Mediterranean.
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The noble salami is a typical salami of the local tradition. It wraps smell and taste with a pleasant hint of black pepper and smoke. Recommended as a starter, as an accompaniment to cheese and a good red wine.
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Typical product of the butchery tradition Cilento, this Pork Salami  is no allergens and preservatives, made ​​with pork black bred in the semi-wild.
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“Cigars” with strong and distinctive taste, made with boar meat raised in the wild within Cilento National Park whose free nutrition and free wandering guarantee a product with a unique flavour.
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These delicious Cacciatorini in oil are made with boar meat raised in the wild within Cilento National Park. They are excellent at any time thanks to their unmistakable and strong flavour.
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A leading product of the Campana butcher's art, the soppressata is characterized by the typical flattened shape, a strong flavour and an intense and aromatic perfume due to the smoking and the use of pepper. Excellent to serve as an appetizer accompanied by cheese and a glass of red wine
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