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Our tomato sauce is still handcrafted, like our grandmothers did. The freshly picked tomatoes are cooked and ground in the same day then they will naturally sterilized only with the addition of fresh basil and a pinch of salt without preservatives. The result is a red pulpy sauce with all the delicious smell of fresh tomatoes.
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"The Prince" of the Vesuvius area, is one of the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. The delicious sweet-acidulous taste and the slightly bitter aftertaste make this tomato an important ingredient of many typical Neapolitan dishes such as the classical spaghetti. Moreover it makes the dishes of fish more balanced, emphasizing the peculiarities of...
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"The King" of Agro Sarnese Nocerino is one of the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. Despite  it is used everyday, it surprises for its incomparable taste and it is appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics in all over the world. More than a tomato, it is a myth: the fiery red of the classic Neapolitan “ragù” on Sundays and the fresh...
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Tomato fillets or "pacchetelle" are among the oldest products of agriculture in Campania. The tomato is meticulously selected then it is manually cut in fillets and dipped in tomato sauce. The cooking in a bain-marie does not alter the organoleptic properties but enhances the characteristic sweet, delicate flavour.
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Semi-dry is the new and innovative way to use and enjoy herbs. It contains all the features and quality of fresh products, with the advantage of a longer storage time. Just a "hint" to enhance and flavour our dishes daily.
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With the red tomato it is one of the oldest and peculiar product of agriculture in Campania. Produced as in the past, it has a sweet  and delicate flavour, enhanced even more by the bain-marie cooking technique.
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Erba fresca, ortica, carciofo. Al palato si manifesta con forza e personalità, chiudendo con veemenza piccante e terrosa.
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