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Montoro Onion  has been inserted  by  Slow Food in the Ark of Taste , a catalogue containing the products that belong to the tradition , culture and history of a place , in order to safeguard them from extinction . This paste is made in a traditional way , without thickening agnts , coloring agents and preservatives.
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In these peppers stuffed with tuna the encounter between the Cilentani red chillies and the tuna of the Mediterranean coast, give life to a perfect mix of flavors to be enjoyed, mouthful after mouthful.
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One of the peculiarities of these peppers is to be roasted in a wood oven according to strict regulations. They are excellent both natural and sautéed. The result is assured. Try fillets with capers, olives and breadcrumbs.
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The delicious dried tomatoes of Agro Sarnese Nocerino have a unique taste. After having been dried they are seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and spices to give them an extraordinary softness and an incomparable taste.
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Delicious oyster mushrooms sweetly grilled on volcanic rock and flavoured with natural spices and extra virgin olive oil. They are perfect to give flavour to dishes or even more as a delicious aperitif.
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Delicate, crisp and tasty on the palate. They are grilled directly on volcanic rock and flavoured with spices typical of the Mediterranean and extra virgin olive oil.
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Tender, meaty and pleasant tasting. Produced entirely by hand according to the ancient techniques, it is the most tender and inner part of the esteemed IGP artichoke of Paestum. Unique in its kind, it is excellent as a tasty aperitif or as a starter.
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