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San Cipriano Picentino is a small town at the foot of Monte Monna surrounded by prosperous vegetation. Here the wild fennel, the base of the ancient recipe of liqueur, is picked by hand. It is used the foliage of the plants,  that is the green, scented tenderest part.
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White fig P.D.O. is the symbol of the territory of Cilento and it is one of most popular food thanks to its many properties attested since ancient times. For its delicate flavour it is often combined with cheeses and chocolate.
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The old recipe of this liqueur was discovered by chance in the eighteenth by a nun responsible for pastry. It is produced with the technical knowledge and craftsmanship of the Poor Clares of Santa Chiara in Ravello, by infusion of IGP lemon rinds, officinal herbs and myrtle of the Monastery. Good for body and spirit.
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The perfect digestive. Produced by the Poor Clares of Ravello according to an ancient recipe of the monastery, this liqueur helps digestion thanks to 13 herbs from which it is composed. The addition of lemon rinds of Amalfi coast give an extra touch to the aroma of officinal  herbs.
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Liqueur made according to old recipes of the Poor Clares, in Santa Chiara monastery in Ravello. Its  name suggests the presence of oriental spices and citrus of Amalfi Coast, an exotic blend suitable as a digestive but also as a companion of desserts and pastries.
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It is produced with the rind of the so-called "Sfusato” of Amalfi, a typical lemon of this area, totally aromatic and spicy, delicate and soft on the palate. The lemon peels used for the infusion come from the Monastery of the Poor Clares, whose cultivation is recognized as IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).
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