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The figs after being " munnati" ( peeled ) by hand  are sun-dried . Then they are steamed and finally sprayed with molasses. This  is an art that requires a lot of passion and respect for the tradition of Cilento.
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White fig PDO is the symbol of the territory of Cilento and it is one of most popular food thanks to its many properties attested since ancient times. it is a perfect product for the whole day and year , from the classical and tasty Italian breakfast to the pleasant dinner.
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Biscuit typical of the traditional bell, the morsellino with almonds is tasty and crumbly, perfect for a break of sweetness. It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied to tea for a relaxing afternoon. The unmistakable taste of almonds enhances its genuine taste and gives it a familiar fragrance.
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Typical product of the butchery tradition Cilento, this Pork Salami  is no allergens and preservatives, made ​​with pork black bred in the semi-wild.
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The excellent Red Lacryma Christi D.O.C. is produced within the Vesuvius National Park, respecting the wine tradition of Campania. It is a wine characterized by a ruby ​​red color and a pleasant aroma of red fruit and spices and by a dry taste with a balanced but complex and full bodied aroma.
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The excellent White Lacryma Christi D.O.C. is produced within the Vesuvius National Park, at the foot of the unmistakable shape of the volcano on a soil rich in minerals and nutrients, by Azienda Forno, respecting the wine tradition of Campania.
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