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Pecorino Carmasciano cheese is produced in the territory of Upper Irpinia, in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi on a ground where there is volcanic activity. It is a seasoned cheese with dark rind and straw-coloured pasta, it has a typical taste with hints of milk and grass with an aftertaste that is becoming increasingly piquant with increasing seasoning.
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The Storiae line represents the excellence of Vesuvian wines, the result of plants cultivated on the slopes of Vesuvius, in the area of the National Park, with a strong taste and rich minerals of the fertile volcanic soil, all in the wake of the tradition that saw the ancient Pompeians producing wines that were enjoyed throughout the Empire.
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Falanghina del Sannio D.O.C. is a wine symbol of Sannio, grown extensively throughout the territory of the province of Benevento.
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Hints of red fruits and scent of violet characterize this Cilento Aglianico. The palate is strong and velvety with a persistent finish. It matures 12 months in French oak barrels and ages in bottle for another 6 months. Perfect match with red meats. 
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Cobarino owes its name to the ancient village of Corbara, small gem of the Lattari Mountains. With its intense red colour it is characterised by a delicious sweet-and-sour taste due to the fertile volcanic soil and the sea breeze of the near Amalfi Coast.  Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the ideal is to taste it on Pizza or as ingredient for sauces...
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A niche product typical of Neapolitan culture, the papaccella is a pepper with a fleshy texture, very aromatic and with a characteristic sweet taste. This delicious version, enriched with wine vinegar and produced according to the ancient recipe of the Campania tradition, is the basic ingredient for the traditional Neapolitan salad.
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Delicious broccoli cooked and flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and red pepper ready to be enjoyed. Made according to the Neapolitan tradition providing the use only of the most tender part of the broccoli, the most flavourful. Excellent to be served as an appetizer with homemade bread and croutons, or as a base ingredient for pizza
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Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. is produced in Meta (NA) in the cheese factory Perrusio Carmela, just a stone's throw from the sea and Sorrento. The cheese is obtained within 48 hours from milking through rennet coagulation of the raw milk only from farms located in Sorrento peninsula and, for at least 20%, from cows of "Agerolese" genetic type in accordance...
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The Pecorino aged in caves is one of the most apprecciated and sought cheese of Campania, its peculiarity is the seasoning in natural caves. To the palate is enveloping and irresistible, with spicy notes and hints of flowers and dry grass.
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Balanced wine aged 8 months in steel. On the palate it expresses hints of pineapple, peach and floral notes. Each phase, from the harvesting of the grapes to the production of the wine, is carried out with care and passion, in full respect of the natural cycles and the ancient peasant tradition. This makes the San Salvatore farm one of the most beautiful...
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