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8,50 €
Honey with a distinctive intense amber color and a little bitter flavour, it is the product of the many plantations of chestnut of Lattari mountains. Rich in iron it helps circulation and gives a great relief in case of sore throat.
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8,50 €
White fig PDO is the symbol of the territory of Cilento and it is one of most popular food thanks to its many properties attested since ancient times. The selected figs are sun-dried and then packaged by hand according to the tradition of Cilento .
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8,50 €
Natural source of energy, this type of honey is made completely in organic way with IGP lemons of  Amalfi Coast. It has a delicate taste on the palate and a wonderful aroma. Moreover, it is rich in vitamin C, good for the cure of flu.
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Chickpeas of Fortore are very appreciated. Rich in vitamin A, they have all the organoleptic properties of a land rich in food and wine excellences in fact their taste goes perfectly with many traditional Italian dishes.
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Easy to digest, rich in minerals and source of proteins, this bean has a characteristic yellow-green colour and delicate taste. Its caracteristics make it just a delicacy.
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A small legume characterized by the presence of the '' eye ', cultivated only in certain areas of Italy. For its ancient tradition, it has become witness of history and culture. Thanks to its short soaking time it can be enjoyed in many tasty recipes.
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Black skin, intense flavour and many organoleptic qualities. Their sweetness and velvety flavour make them suitable for the preparation of dishes such as creams and soups.
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The legumes soup of Fortore is just simple genuine taste. All the nutritional properties and the whole rural tradition present in a single pack. A pleasant, intense and enveloping flavour.
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Excellence known throughout the world and symbol of a territory, made according to the ancient art of cheese-making "cut off", boasts the PDO mark. The intense flavour and the characteristic drop of milk make this product irresistible to every palate.
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