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Pecorino Carmasciano cheese is produced in the territory of Upper Irpinia, in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi on a ground where there is volcanic activity. It is a seasoned cheese with dark rind and straw-coloured pasta, it has a typical taste with hints of milk and grass with an aftertaste that is becoming increasingly piquant with increasing seasoning.
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The caciocavallo podolico cheese seasoned in cave is a semi-hard pasta filata cheese with the characteristic pear-shaped. It is produced in Zungoli (AV), a small medieval village in high Irpinia, and comes from the raw whole milk produced by Podolica cow, a native breed that lives in a semi-wild state all year.
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Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. is produced in Meta (NA) in the cheese factory Perrusio Carmela, just a stone's throw from the sea and Sorrento. The cheese is obtained within 48 hours from milking through rennet coagulation of the raw milk only from farms located in Sorrento peninsula and, for at least 20%, from cows of "Agerolese" genetic type in accordance...
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The Pecorino aged in caves is one of the most apprecciated and sought cheese of Campania, its peculiarity is the seasoning in natural caves. To the palate is enveloping and irresistible, with spicy notes and hints of flowers and dry grass.
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The seasoning of 6 months and the essential oils of walnut leaves enhance the flavour of this Pecorino aged in walnut leaf, its taste is strong and spicy with a very pleasant aftertaste that make tasty every occasion.
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Buffalo Blue is the encounter of high quality buffalo milk with the dairy tradition of the Lattari Mountains. A cheese with a strong and enveloping taste with slightly spicy final notes to be proposed and enjoyed in every occasion, alone or with guests. Two cultures together for a simply irresistible product.
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The Tomaccia of Podolica with nuts is maked with podolica milk and the best nuts from Lattari mountains are the perfect combination of excellent flavours of Campania. A mix of unique delicate taste made with great skill, perfect for any occasion.
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The Caciocavallo aged in wine marcs is cheese covered with marcs of Piedirosso with an irresistible taste. The best quality of milk and 6 months of seasoning give it a spicy taste that conquest everyone after each tasting and can be enjoyed on any occasion.
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Excellence of the peasant tradition, this Cacioricotta del Cilento is a real jewel of food and wine, made with fine goat's milk. The intense perfume brings back with the mind to the green and large spaces of the Mediterranean maquis. A journey of taste to the rediscovery of the Cilento tradition.
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Elastic, soft and creamy, it is a delightful retelling of “Fior di latte” mozzarella, according to traditional techniques, with high-quality raw milk of Jersey breed. The pearly white hides an amazing flavour to be savoured, enhanced by notes of yogurt, cream and hints of herbs.
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Excellence known throughout the world and symbol of a territory, made according to the ancient art of cheese-making "cut off", boasts the PDO mark. The intense flavour and the characteristic drop of milk make this product irresistible to every palate.
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The white porcelain colour and the thin sheet hide a creamy and delicate heart to which it is impossible to resist, bite after bite. Handcrafted with 100% buffalo milk, they are great to enjoy alone or accompanied by cherry tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
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